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Gerome the Gnome - he could be yours!

Gerome has discovered the Free Little Libraries in McMinnville and has decided
that he will be visiting a few of them this summer. 
Each week he checks out a different one - but sometimes he tries
something different too. 
Follow the clues and see if you can find him!

All ages can enter the contest.
One entry per person per week.
When you find Gerome, pick up an entry form from the place where you find his box,
 fill out the form and bring it to the Children's Room.

You will be entered into a drawing to win Gerome. 
The drawing will take place during the Talent Show,
Wednesday, August 28 at 2pm in the Community Center. 
You need not be present to win.


Clue for week #9 - August 14- August 21  (Last Chance)

Said to his friend Mavis,
"I'll make a bet with thee,
That the wind blows SOUTHEASTerly."
"Sounds good to me, " said she.
"I'll bet you NINE dollars and TEWNTYFIVE cents
that I'm sure I'll win, at your expense."