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Friends of McMinnville Public Library Essay Contest




Opal, Ivanna, Brynli, Emma, Deagan, Daphne, Hunter, Aiden, Noah


First - Second Grade Division


 First Place
Tacky and the Winter Games by Deagan


 I read Tacky and the Winter Games. I like the part when Perfect passed the baton to Tacky and he swallowed the baton.  I like it because it is funny. I also like when he tries to reach the pedals on the humongous bike because it is silly.
 I would change the part when Tacky goes swoop-plop-swoop-plop when he is fish skiing. Instead of that I would make him fly over everyone. 
 You should read Tacky and the Winter Games. 


Second Place
Holly and the Christmas Fairy by Emma


  I enjoyed the story of  Holly the Christmas Fairy.  I liked how Holly made the barn smell like apple pies to trick the goblins.  I also like the story’s title, details, pictures, and character names. 
I would make the book longer by adding a couple more chapters. I would call them: Jack Frost, and The Fairyland Palace. 
I would tell my friends to read this story. 


 Third Place
Charlotte's Web by Noah


 The things I like about Charlotte’s Web: My favorite thing is the colored pictures. I  also like the title. I like the names too. One of my favorite parts is the web. 

  The things I would change is Dr. Dorian’s picture. I also don’t want the babies to fly away. I would add more pictures too.  I would also change it so it’s more like the movie. 


 Honorable Mention
Each Kindness by Ivanna


What I liked about Each Kindness is it teaches you a lesson.  The lesson is about how to treat a new kid in your class.  I hope if you had a new kid you would be nice to him or her and play with them on their first day.  If I would be able to change something, I would change that Maya had stayed so Chole would of taken a chance on Maya so Maya would be more comfortable in her classroom. 
That is why I like Each Kindness and what I want to change.


 Third-Fourth Grade Division   


First Place 
What I liked about Gregor the Overlander and What I would Change About it
by Opal  


 What I liked about Gregor the Overlander is all of the adventure.  After Gregor follows his little sister, Boots, down a grate in the laundry room, he discovers an Underland far below New York City. In the Underland, humans live beside giant insects, and rats.  In the palace of Regalia, Gregor finds that a prophecy gives him a roll in the Underland.  Gregor is thought to be a warrior. Gregor also finds out that the Rats have captured his long-lost father. On the quest to rescue him, the prophecy is written by the founder of the Underland, called Sandwich says that 4 out of 12 of the questers will dies.  8 of them shall live.  At first, Gregor denies that he is a warrior, but finds that it is true.  So he, Boots, and 10 others leave Regalia to go find Gregor’s Father.
          What I would change about this book is that Gregor’s family was not so poor.  I do not like when people are poor because it makes me feel emotional.  Overall, I really, really, really, liked this book.


 Second Place  
The Cat in the Hat by Brynli


Have you ever read The Cat in the Hat? I really enjoyed the book. I can’t wait to tell you about it.
          I think you would really enjoy this book because it has some really funny words.  There are also really good illustrations.  I hope you will agree with me.
          My favorite part of the book was when the Cat in the Hat cleaned up the house.  If he didn’t Sally and Sally’s brother would get in big trouble!  I disliked that the cat in the hat made their house messy.
          I also liked that the fish knew what was right. I liked that the fish was doing the right thing because if he didn’t the mom would ground the kids.
          I would change the book so the cat is nice and plays good games. The cat should be nice so the kids want to play with him.  I’d also change it to where the cat is not messy at all! He can play legos or dolls or something fun like that.
          I hope you can read the book because it is really fun to read. I hope you enjoy the illustrations and agree with me about the cat.

Third Palce
What I Liked About Bone: Old Man's Cave
and What I Would Change About It
by Aiden


 I read Bone Volume 6: Old Man’s Cave. It is not the best book Jeff Smith has ever written.  It was sort of cool though.  I liked it because it tells you who The Hooded One is. It is very chaotic. Everyone is deciding who to choose for their team, and meanwhile Foney Bone is making bad decisions.  His decisions are causing the other characters to hate him.
I would change the fact that Rock Jaw the huge lion is trying to kill Fone Bone, Foney Bone, and Smiley Bone and capture Thorn. Instead of this, I would have Rock Jaw on their team. That way, they could all work together to beat The Lord of the Locusts. 
Overall, I liked the book—in fact, I love the whole series—but this one little change would have made this volume better in my opinion.

Fifth - Sixth Grade Division


 What I liked about The Book of Elsewhere (Book 1)
and what I wold change in it
by Willow


What I like about this book is that Olivia finds secrets in the house.  She finds the cat and the cat won’t let her get into the attic.  She also finds out she can go into paintings and finds a friend in one of the painting’s.  She finds a girl named Annabell.  Annabell and her grandfather are trying to take the house away from Olivia and her family. 
I like Annabell because she is so scary. I also like Annabell’s grandfather, he is so weird and strange.  I like when Olivia meets the cats, they are black, orange and mixed colors, and one of them is fat. When I read the book it made me so scared, it so fun reading what was happening. 
Some of the things I would change are that Olivia’s best friend would be a girl instead of a boy. I like the idea of her having a girl as a best friend better.  I would also change that Olivia wouldn’t get into so much trouble, that they would show more of Annabell’s grandfather and less of Annanbell, that Olivia and Annabell would be friends and they could work things out about the house, and that things would start out better between them and end better. 
I think the mom and dad should get to find out what their daughter was doing when she went to bed at night.


Second Place
A Wrinkle in Time by Hunter

I liked a Wrinkle in Time very much.  It was a fun action thriller with just enough Sci-Fi to keep me reading. 
          There are six main characters: Meg Murry, Charles Wallace, Calvin O’Keefe, Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Whatsit. 
          Unlike the title they do not travel just through time, they travel through time and space. To explain, the first dimension is length, the second dimension is width, the third dimension is height, the fourth is time. 
          To get to the next dimension you square the previous. For example, the first dimension squared is the second. If you square time (The fourth dimension) then you make a tesseract which allows you to travel through space the quick way.  Euclid said that a straight line is the quickest way to get to two points.  But with the tesseract you don’t have to go the long way (along a line) you make a wrinkle in time to step across the space. 
          The main plot of the story is that there is a “black thing” in space that has taken over galaxies. Inside it there is an evil “It.” The It took over Charles Wallace and Meg Murry’s father.  Which Meg, Charles and Calvin will save with the help of Mrs. Which, Who and Mrs. Whatsit.  They meet people like the Happy Medium. With a creature called Aunt Beast. 
          If I could change anything it would be that Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which would show there true forms.  Only Mrs. Whatsit showed her true form. 
          I recommend this book to all readers, it is a very good book and I enjoyed reading it.


 Third Place
Inside Out and Back Again by Daphne

I think “Inside out and back again” is a really great book. I also think I could change a few things.  Here are my ideas. 
          I liked the book because theres a lot of things I can relate to. For example, she has to move and be “the new kid” and I’m sure that’s very relatable. Also she has a missing father.  I don’t have a dad and so I felt it was easy to understand her feeling.
          Something I could change about it is that, I wish I could get her brothers prospective on the move. If I could know how her OLDER brothers felt, maybe I could get a better idea of what they were thinking.        
          The last thing I would change is her dad coming back.  I wish he could come back at the ancestreal home in the north and they would find each other. I think that would give it a twist. Yet, books/storys can’t always end perfect.
          I loved this book and it was very hard to find what I would change in it.  That was what I would change in “Inside out and back again.”  I hope you can relate.




Deagan, Opal, Emma, Ivanna, Daphne, Hunter and Noah with the awesome author Stephanie Shaw.  You can check out her website at www.stephanieshawauthor.com.