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Princess Books

(click on the title to find the book in the catalog)

Angelina and the Princess by Katharine Holabird

The Princess and the Pizza  by Mary Jane Auch

Ballerina Princess by Melissa Lagonegro

Princess Baby by Karen Katz

Barbie and the Diamond Castle by Kirsten Depken

Princess Bess gets Dressed by Margery Cuyler

Barbie and the Island Princes by Mary Man-Kong

Princess Charm School by Kristen Depken

Barbie: Fairytale Favorites

Princess Dinosaur by Jill Kastner

Beautiful Brides by Melissa Lagonegro

Princess Ellie series by Diana Kimpton

Cinderella: the Great Mouse Mistake by Disney

The Princess Encyclopedia by Jo Casey

Dangerously Everafter by Dashka Slater

Princess Hyacinth by Florence Parry Heide

Disney Princess: The Essential Guide

Princess in Training by Tammi Sauer

Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever? by Carmela Coyle

Princess Jessica and the Best-friend Bracelet by Vivian French

Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs? by Carmela Coyle

The Princess Knight by Cornelia Funke

Enchanting Tales: Readalong Storybook and CD

Princess Me by Karma Wilson

A Fairy Merry Christmas by Julie Andrews

The Princess of Pink Slumber Party by Victoria Kann

The Frog Princess by E. D, Baker

Princess Party by Joy Allen.

Good-Night, Princess Pruney-Toes by Lisa McCourt

Princess Peepers  by Pam Calvert

Happy Birthday, Princess by Jennifer Weinberg

Princess Puppy by Bernette Ford

Jasmine : the missing coin by Sarah Nathan

Princess Says Goodnight by Naomi Howland

Jewels for a Princess by Ruth Homberg

The Princess Twins and the Puppy by Mona Hodgson

Kiss the Frog by Melissa Lagonegro

The Real Princess : a Mathemagical tale by Brenda Williams

The Kite Princess by Juliet Clare Bell

Sofia the First by Catherine Hapka

The Monster Princess by D.J. MacHale

Thorn in her Side by Jane B. Mason

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink by Jane Yolen

The very fairy princess : here comes the flower girl! by Julie Andrews

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses by Ian Falconer

The very smart pea and the princess-to-be by Mini Grey

The Pirate Princess by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Will Princess Isabel ever say please? by Steve Metzger

Princess Alice and the Magical Mirror by Vivian French

Yellow Princess gets a Pet by Alyssa Crowne

The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett