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Wireless Internet Policy 
McMinnville Public Library 
April 2007
Updated November 2011


Wireless access is now available at the east end of the McMinnville Public Library.  The wireless service is provided by the City of McMinnville.  If you have a wireless enabled laptop, PDA, or smart phone, using the wireless service is as simple as turning on your computer, launching a web browser, and choosing the wireless network and entering the password:

Network: maclibrary
Password: unitedstates 

Other guidelines:

  • Users must supply and configure their own equipment.
  • Wireless is available in most areas of the library.  Access will depend on the strength of your wireless card.
  • Printing and software programs are not available via the wireless connection.
  • Library staff cannot provide instruction or assist with setting up your equipment.
  • As with most public wireless “hot spots,” the library’s wireless connection is not secure.
  • The library’s “Acceptable Use Guidelines for the Internet” applies to the wireless connection.


 Jill Poyer, Library Director
Approved:  April 2007