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Benefits and Responsibilities: Borrowing, Renewing and Reserving Materials 

The Library offers library cards with different benefits. Your library services and the number of items you may borrow is determined by the type of library card you hold. Your library card is honored at all CCRLS Libraries although they may have different loan periods, fines and renewal restrictions.

General Borrowing Information
 Item Lending Period  Maximum
per Card *
 Daily Fine **  Renewal ***  Notes
Books  3 weeks  50  $.25  3 times adult & teen
DVDs  1 week  10  $.25  3 times
Magazines  3 weeks 10  $.25  3 times except current issue
CDs, Audio Books  3 weeks 10  $.25  3 times  
Children's Books  3 weeks  50  $.10  3 times  
Children's DVDs/Videos   1 week  10  $.10   3 times
Children's Audio/Book Sets  3 weeks  10  $.10  3 times  
Children's Leap Frog Pad &
Book Sets
 3 weeks  1 pad
 3 sets
 $.10  3 times 3 bag limit / house
Children's Totes  3 weeks  1  $.10  3 times  

*Resident & Full Service Fee Cards = 50 total items, CARE Card = 25 total items, Basic Card = 1 item total.
**Charges vary on materials borrowed from other CCRLS Libraries, even if items are picked up in McMinnville. 
***NEW books do NOT renew. Books with reservations/holds do NOT renew.

Renewing Materials

McMinnville NEW books do not renew. Materials can be renewed ONLY if another patron has NOT requested them.

Renew online by visitng "My Account / Renew" through any Internet computer in the world or on a computer catalog in any CCRLS library.
Speak with Circulation Staff in person or leave a message by phone at 503-435-5561. You can also call the Upstairs Information Desk at 503-435-5562.

Reserving Materials
You may reserve materials and have materials sent to McMinnville if they are available through another library in our Library Cooperative (CCRLS).

Place a hold online by visiting the Catalog on any Internet computer in the world or on a computer catalog in any CCRLS library.  
Speak with Upstairs Information DeskStaff at the library in person or by phone at 503-435-5562. 

Please note: Some items may not be available to reserve from other libraries (NEW books, Reference books, NEW DVDs, etc).
Full-Service cards may reserve MORE THAN ONE item. Basic cards may request ONLY ONE item at a time.

Email Notification
Email notification is available and is automatic once you give us an email address. You will be notified when your requested materials are available, when due dates are approaching and when your materials are overdue. You may register or update your email address at any time. If your email addresses bounces messages back to our server, you will not be notified by phone of any overdue items. If you give only a phone number, we will call you only when reserved materials are ready for pick-up. If the material is overdue by 6 days or more, we will call you only if you do not have an email address on record. If the call cannot be completed, a physical notice will be sent via mail to the address listed on the account.

To add/update an email address, log in to your CCRLS account , and click the Modify Personal Info button.