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She LOVES Dr. Seuss! 

Born ready to learn, babies can understand language long before they are able to talk. By talking to your baby often about what he is seeing, hearing, feeling and doing begins the process of learning the early literacy skills needed to help a child to learn to read once they begin school.

Spending time with your baby, reading and talking is an important first step in developing these literacy skills.  Even though he/she will not understand the words you read, your voice and your cuddling are exactly what he/she needs.  Start sharing books with your baby when you can hold the baby comfortably.  It is one of the most important things you can do to help your child learn language. 

  • Look for books with simple and clear pictures.
  • Choose a time when your child and you are in a relaxed and happy mood.
  • Point to pictures and talk about them in an excited voice.
  • It is natural for a baby to play with books and even to chew on them.
  • Share books with your child everyday, even for a few minutes.

 Some favorite books for babies:  






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