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2013 Children's†Poetry Contest Winners

Sponsored by†Friends of McMinnville Public Library

Many Thanks to Glenda Cater and her team of judges from the Freinds of McMinnville Public Library,
Paulann Peterson, State of Oregon Poet Laureate, and
The Cultural Trust of Oregon for funding.

2013 Friends of the Library
Poetry†Contest Winners
Benjamin, Nathan, Tommy, Thea,
Willow, Jewel, Molly†
with Oregon Poet Laureate
Paulann Peterson


††5 - 6†year old Division

Molly Robinson

Books In The Future

On the beach

There are shells

So many, many, many shells

There are big shells

And small shells

There are purple shells

And blue and white shells

Swirly shells, pokey shells

And wave sounding shells

Shiny shells, rainbow shells

Smooth shells

And rough shells.


Second Place
Jewel McCullough

Oh Froggy Oh Froggy

Bring a net
with a jar.

Look around and
you will find one.

Find a frog and
put him in the jar.

After I look at him for awhile
I let him go.

I would say
goodbye little frog.


Third Place
Benjamin Mitchell

The Chocolate Field

I have big chunks of
rich soil which look
like chocolate when I
am first plowed.

I am as smooth and
silky as a dark
chocolate bar.

I am shiny and moist
in the spring sun.

If I were a worm
I would eat the
whole field - yum!


7 - 9†year old Division

Thea McCullough

The Rainy Days

I like the rainy days
I like when we play.

The rain is funny
the rain is happy
as it goes flitty flattery
splash around the rain.

I like to splash in the rain
in the puddles one by one.


Second Place
Tommy Gabrielsen


O ††is for occupied.† Iím always occupied.

R ††is for running.† There are good places to run.

E ††is for eggs.† There are good eggs here.

G ††is for going.† There are good places to go.

O ††is for omnivores.† There is good meat and fruit.

N ††is for Newby.† It is a fantastic school.


Third Place
Grace Kronenberg


Water park
Very fast
Whopping Big Waves
fast rushing waves coming

10 -12 †year old Division

Anna Johnson

The Stream

Gushing over rocks,
It barely makes a whisper,
Flowing through the trees.

Lincoln City Waves

Washing over sand,
The waves crash apon my feet,
Pulling me to sea.

Sea Shore

Sea Gulls wanting food,
Broken shells lay on the beach,
Sand sifts through my toes.


Second Place
Willow McCullough

A week to Remember

Swinging up and down in the trees
is quite a breeze.

Playing in the lake
slashing side to side

Going hiking is quite subtracting
counting leaves and trees.

In a skit you like to say

Salamanders donít have manners.
It is a good day to make friends.

But when the end is near
itís so sad to hear
you saying goodbye.


Third Place
Nathan Gabrielsen

(Awesome) Life in Oregon

Life in Oregon may be wet
But warmer that Alaska and colder that California
It might be a little cold but Iím not upset.
The wetness attracts a lot of fauna.
There are a lot of attractions
Too many to count
There might be zillions
Although they might cost a large amount.

Life in Oregon isnít all that neat
You donít have snow days
ĎCause of all that heat
So that means there are more schooldays.

All that flora and fauna
So many, (just count)!
From horses to Llamas
Get ready to mount.

Life in Oregon has cons and pros
It depends on you if itís good or bad
In your choice Iím neutral, zero.
But if you do like it Iím glad.